Skywalkers Workshops |Elena Kolarova & Vasil Zolumov | Jazzy

Skywalkers Workshops |Elena Kolarova & Vasil Zolumov
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Skywalkers Intensive Workshops | Elena Kolarova & Vasil Zolumov 

Local: Jazzy Santos

Nível: Aberto

Waacking Choreography Workshop | Waacking is a dance style that derives from the disco era in Los Angelis club culture. It gains it’s popularity around 1970s especially after the movie Soul Train. The style is characterised with strong attitude, very fast and sharp arm movement and a lot of groove in the body. 

The workshop is OPEN LEVEL and it contains two parts:

- waacking groove and technique
- Choreography ( The choreography is a combination of waacking moves with Elena’s feeling and musicality. It will combine a variety of techniques and give you a lot of inspiration and things to work for at home.

Choreography Workshop | This workshop will be more concentrate on organic movement. It’s a combination of freestyle movements implied into choreography. The idea will be to concentrate on expressing yourselves and putting your own style into the movements.

Hip Hop Choreo Workshop | Vasko’s workshops are always a new and challenging learning experience for the students. Using the well-known formula of teaching choreography, he pushes dancers to explore different ways of playing with musicality and dynamics, to pick the right energy and flow for the chosen song and to create different characters for the story they are trying to tell. His workshops are less about the choreography as a final result and more about the choreography  being the tool to incorporate personal style and self-expression into a new and unfamiliar to the students style of movement.

Professor convidado:

Elena Kolarova is an artist from Bulgaria who has been dancing since she was 8 years old. She loves dance as an art form and loves experimenting with different styles. Her background comes from a variety of street styles such as - breakdance, house, waacking, hip-hop, popping. Elena starts to travel and take classes from one of the best teachers and dancers all over the world. She visits some of the biggest dance events in Europe - Fair Play Dance Camp, SDK, Unit- ed Movement, Hip Hop Kingz etc. She lives in Washington, DC ( USA ) , where she is inspired by the crew United Movement and by Caleaf ( Elite Force Crew ) to start dancing house dance and waacking. Back in Bulgaria, Elena starts teaching those styles at Flava House and makes workshops all over the country. In combination with hip-hop and other street styes, she expands her dance culture and skills. Elena is not only recognised for a freestyle dancer and teacher but also for her choreography skills and working with artists and for variety of project and videos. She is working mostly with the first winner of XFactor - Bulgaria - Raffi Boghossian. Elena has choreographed music videos for top Bulgarian artist and also took part in big advertising campaigns. One of them is Michael Buble’s Frangrance Add. She is part of the dance crew - Skywalkers and they are her dance family. In 2017 Elena creates a campaign called #mydanceyear. In it she had to post a dance video for each month of the year.

Vasil Zolumov is a professional Bulgarian dancer, original member of Skywalkers. He began his dance training as a bboy and after winning numerous competitions with his then crew he went into years of exploring different street styles (popping, house, hip hop etc.), which formed his very different and unique style. Now a famous Bulgarian choreographer, Vasko has been touring with the winner of the first Bulgarian X Factor – Raffi for years and has also been working with some of the most well-known Bulgarian artists. Some of his on screen Tv credits include X-Factor Bulgaria, Your Face Sounds Familiar, Award shows, numerous music videos, commercials and more. He has also been a part of some big dance company shows (Pop&Roll’s “8”, Dance Station’s “Night of the Oscars”). His professional dance training goes beyond the Bulgarian borders. For years he has been traveling to some of the biggest European dance events – Fair Play Dance Camp, SDK, Hip Hop Kingz, United Momevent, OMG dance camp. He himself started teaching in two of the most famous dance studios in Bulgaria – Dance Studio 121 and Flava House and has been invited to give workshops all over the country. 


26 Junho e 3 Julho


26 Junho: 19h30/22h30 | 3 Julho : 19h00/22h00


1 WS: Alunos Jazzy : 15€ Externos: 20€ || FREE PASS ( ALL WS) : Alunos Jazzy : 45€ Externos: 65€



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